At the Gesher Project, we’re passionate about education and awareness. We’re dedicated to providing our community with knowledge and tools to live their best, most fulfilling, and richest lives. We believe that a beautiful life is one where we never stop growing, learning, and seeking.

Our communities’ needs are diverse and expansive. In an effort to answer the needs of our community, our founder, Leigh Hershkovich-Ioffe, now offers safeTALK, an internationally recognized suicide awareness training founded by LivingWorks. This training provides participants with the tools to prevent suicide by recognizing the signs, engaging someone, and connecting them to the appropriate intervention resource.

Due to generous private funding, Leigh is available to train communities nationwide for $18 per participant (this includes travel and training fees!)

Let’s work together to build safer communities. Are you interested in bringing safeTALK to your community? Fill out the contact form people to learn more about scheduling a workshop.

Now booking workshops through December 2019!

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