About Us

Mission Statement: To create an online space that offers a fresh and illuminated perspective on age old aspects of Judaism, with words from the Chasidic masters spoken and shared by contemporary Jewish creatives.

Our Goals

The Gesher Project seeks to bridge the gap between schools of Jewish and Secular education and thought. We believe that a full, complete, and well rounded life comprises of aspects from both worlds. Not only that, but we know—and seek to teach—how everything in the world can be found in and exists in a state of holiness.

Our aim is to bridge the divide between Jewish and Secular schools of thought; not only do we intend to connect the two worlds, but we plan on demonstrating how the two can be and should be one.

This project will stand to close the gap between emotional and mental awareness and its relation to Chassidus and a Torah true life and existence.

Who This Project is for:

Students of life; those who are sipping the waters of Judaism for the first time, as well as for those already immersed in a Torah life but seek to understand it and own it…in short, everyone.

Inspiration for the Gesher Project comes from: The School of Life, TedBrainpickings, and Lamplighters Jewish Academy of Oxnard, California.